Five bad Habits You Need to Remove Immediately From Your day-to-day routine.

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Your brain as far as your body goes is the unrivaled organ and chief we’re talking hundred billion plus cells that collectively control basically everything your body does but what I find very odd is most people have got negative habits that they’re doing every single day that they’re seemingly unaware of that is causing them damage to their brain even worse many of these habits can have a long-term and even fatal consequences and that’s why that is not serving you on any level and could be possibly damaging your brain so make sure to pay close attention to every single one of these points especially to the last as I’ve saved the most important till last without further ado let’s go on to the first which is covering your head during sleep research shows that sleeping with a head beneath the covers can cause brain damage in fact some studies indicate that up to twenty three percent of individuals that sleep with a head below the sheets develop Dementia and possibly even Alzheimers. These conditions are in most cases as a result of the lack of enough oxygen to the brain and so keeping your head free is a useful way of keeping this issue at bay it is also vital and to understand that covering your head as you see means that you’ll be rebreathing the air that you breathe out which does not contain a lot of oxygen so make sure to never cover your head during sleep now talk about sleep let’s go into the second point which is chronic lack of sleep research have shown that chronic lack of sleep puts people at the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders a continuous lack of sleep harms your memory too this is because in your sleep mechanisms are hard at work reading you from toxins byproducts that accumulate in your brain throughout the day a lack of sleep means that these mechanisms cannot get sufficiently activated and therefore failed to clean your brain from these harmful substances if these substances are not eliminated they can start to accumulate in your brain and can lead to severe damage so here’s a solution get between seven to eight hours of quality undisrupted sleep every single night if you struggle with sleeping be sure to check out some videos on our Success Insider YouTube channel to do with evening routines that’s designed to calm your mind before you go to sleep let’s go into a third point which is dehydration this is a common knowledge but most people do not actually commonly practice this water makes up at least 2/3 of the human body and plays an important role in your normal functions .

Water Your Mind to Grow Your Soul.

Why dehydration can lead to a number of issues from migraines, constipations, to kidney stones it can also take on a toll on your brain health affecting your mood and overall brain function symptoms of dehydration includes being more prone to irritability, anxiety and fatigue I want you to remember this Insider 3/4 of your brain is water and when dehydrated your brain actually shrinks in volume this shrinkage is what causes a dehydration headache according to a study published in 2013 even mild or temporary dehydration can alter your brain function and impact your mood throughout the day which means you are nowhere near the potential performance you could be for that given day resulting in your work and life declining and suffering the good news is that within 20 minutes of drinking some water effects such as these are reversed the hydration induce headaches are also rapidly elevated once you rehydrate is also worth noting that cold water absorbs 20% faster than room-temperature water so to increase speedy recovery make sure to drink chilled water opposed to room temperature let’s go on to the fourth point.

 Why it’s Important Insider that you learn to Better Manage your State.

Which is chronic stress there are two main kind of stress on way to note down acute stress and chronic stress and despite what you think not all stress is bad for you acute stress is a reaction to an immediate threat commonly known as fight-or-flight response and once it fret threat is passed your level of stress hormones return to normal with no long lasting effects Cortisol on the other hand streams from your system all day long and that’s why it makes it’s so dangerous excess cortisol in your system can lead to a whole host of physical health problems such as weight gain, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Chronic stress takes a toll on the adrenal glands as well leaving you feel wide but tired some of these brain related stress symptoms can include memory loss, brain fog, anxiety and worrying and when stress becomes chronic it changes your brain function even is structured down to the level of your DNA you don’t notice that these are happening but you will notice the side effects eventually. That’s why it’s important Insider that you learn to better manage your state and performance throughout the day I highly recommend studying in depth of videos we provide to do a performance and stress management here on Success Insider YouTube channel as it will help you to better deal with the outer world issues as we often can’t control what’s going on out there but we can control the meaning and interpretation that we give in the inner world so make sure to check these videos out let’s go on to the final point which is lack of mental stimulation and exercise there is some truth in the saying use it or lose it studies show that mint of the client is not inevitable part of aging people.

 Who lead Mentally Stimulating lives are more likely to be free of dementia conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

The more active your brain is the better your memory is likely to be the greater the variety of the ways in which you use your mind the easier you’ll find in remembering the things you keep on forgetting so here are some things I recommend read more read some topics you may have not considered before make sure you’re consi educating yourself stimulating your mind and constantly growing in regards to the amount of knowledge you’re absorbing stay socially active the last thing you want to do is constantly isolate yourself when you’re socially engaging with people this is triggering part of your brain that’s being activated that you will not get from isolation so make sure to go out networking make sure to join groups online and stay socially active start an online course or maybe even day or evening class you can go out with also with a friend so to put simply constantly challenge yourself every day to do something new challenge yourself in a unique way or learn something new go out there and give this a shot right now because these are the five bad habits that can damage your brain .

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