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Why is university so overrated?

Almost everywhere in the world, schools and universities are overrated, not because these institutions give education, yes, it’s not because of education, but because of the degrees. Let’s get this right. The honor and worship school gets isn’t because it’s the source of education, instead it’s because that’s the place that has been accredited to issue the decorated paper called certificate. If you argue with this assumption, I’ll ask you to close your eye and imagine that schools and universities stop giving certificates or degrees. What do you think will happen if you’re asked to go to a university but there wouldn’t be any degree, after all, education is what you need, right? Since education is what you need and it doesn’t live inside a paper, why can’t you go to a university and get that education without having any paper to show for it? Now you can see what I’m talking about; nobody would go to university if the university doesn’t  give degrees. So, the only reason why the university is overrated is because of its degrees. Period! Now, is degree important? Yes, for a few percent of us, maybe for 5 or 10% of people.

Getting the Degree Is the Best Thing that has Ever Happened with a students.

If you want to be a medical doctor, a lawyer or anything like that, yes, the degree is important. But for most of us, education, not degree is the most important thing. Imagine you want to be a computer engineer, a software engineer, a writer, a musician, a salesperson, a journalist, an inventor, scientists or an entrepreneur. Yes, many people and organizations will never give you a chance to do any of the above work (except entrepreneurship) without a degree but it’s because those organizations are dumb or deceived by the school. Nobody needs a degree to be a salesperson, nobody needs a degree to be an inventor, nobody needs a degree to be a musician, writer or even scientist, journalist, yes CNN may never employ you without a degree but that will show how dumb they are because journalism like every other thing is a skill. All you need to be a good journalist is education and practice.

Why do we think that the university is the best or only place to get an education?

Yes, if you don’t have a degree as an inventor or a scientist, the science community will not recognize you today because we’re dumb. We’re dumb to have thought that degree is what makes someone a scientist while the forefathers of science had no degrees. Curiosity, curiosity, curiosity is the mother of education, skills and human progress. Google Everybody knows it and everybody uses it but do you understand and appreciate what Google means? You see, when I was growing up in my little town, I would go to the cyber café to buy cheap browsing time which would be overnight because there was no internet as common as we have it today. I would be in the cyber café all night simply reading from Google. It was gold for me and I appreciate it. Now let me ask you; what is the foundation of education? Very simple! The foundation of education is not the uniform we wear to school none is it the test or even degrees.

Social Media Can also Give us a Information.

The foundation of education is information. Period! If I can get enough information about any field, be it law, medicine, accounting or entrepreneurship, I can get an education in that field. Google gives you information without you having to pay an unreasonable amount of money to get it. Google literarily changed my life because, through that simple app, I’ve been able to learn valuable things that have been the reason for my success. I know you have a Google app or browser on your phone. What I don’t know is whether you’re using it to get education or entertainment. Believe me, Google search gives to all of us what no university can give us. What is the definition of social media? Is anything social media because we define it as such? To me, YouTube is a university and even better than any university. This is what happens. YouTube has a crazy Algolrithim which studies what you consume on YouTube. If for instance, you come to YouTube every day to watch cat videos, YouTube will give you more cat and dog videos.

Curiosity Is the Mother of Education,Skill and Human Progress.

If you consume entertainment, news, and games on YouTube, you’ll get to see more of such things. But let’s say you consume educational videos in any field, science, art, history or entrepreneurship, then, whenever you log in to your YouTube app, you’ll see more and more videos in that field. This way, YouTube becomes one of the most valuable libraries in the world Podcast Many years ago, I read or heard Brian Tracy saying something like: If you listen to audio training programs in your car, you can consume the equivalent of the university degree information in 2 years. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to be in the car to listening to podcasts anymore. With a simple app on your phone, you can learn wonderful things that can change your life.

Education Is About Information And Practice.

If I can get information about any field, I can practice and improve my skills and if I can practice, I can do anything in any field. If you agree with me that information is the foundation of education, then, you should agree with me that information has been democratic. If in the 21st century you think that you need to go to a university to learn how to be a salesperson, hoe to be a writer, how to be a software engineer, an inventor or an entrepreneur, well, I don’t know what you know. the school has become a god in our world today, whenever anyone seems to be speaking against the school, such a person should be expecting several attacks. I’m a gentle person and I don’t have the strength for your weapon so save it.

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