5 Things to Stop Doing to Make You More likable.

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We all want to be loved and admire by many, if not all, right? But to think that being likable is nothing but natural traits is wrong. Being likable might have a little to do with your looks, abilities, talents and the likes but certain behaviors can also contribute to it. For instance, you might like a person on your first encounter, but subsequent encounters might turn out to be the opposite. What changed? Did you change? Did the person change? Well, maybe. But chances are you didn’t know the person too well initially neither did you spend enough time around him/her detect some of the things that suddenly makes them less likable to you.

1:Stop showing up late.

No one likes to be delayed or kept waiting for long. It’s worse when it becomes habitual. I mean, everyone values their time and to have someone constantly waste their time isn’t something anybody looks forward to. When you constantly show up late, people will either begin to avoid meeting up with you or they’ll begin to lie about the meeting time. Remember time is value and everyone has the responsibility of using theirs wisely. According to Denis Waitley, “Time is the most precious element of human existence. The successful person knows how to put energy into time and how to draw success from time.“ To make yourself more likable, make sure you keep to time always.

 2: Stop making it all about you.

We all know those people who like to brag about themselves behind the mask of self-deprecation. For instance, someone who constantly makes fun of herself for having a strict diet, meanwhile what she wants is to get noticed for her healthy eating habit and her fitness routine. Some others find a way to link every conversation to themselves. They make it all about them and do not give a chance for others to get noticed. They always find ways to make themselves the center of nearly every conversation. Here’s the thing, people who do this do not know that every other person can see through them, through their deceit and bragging, which makes it more annoying and frustrating to their listeners.

3: Stop checking your phone constantly when conversing with people.

People always notice when you aren’t fully attentive or present in a conversation. They can tell when you are distracted. For instance, when you keep checking your phone during the conversation, it can be considered as rude and no one likes communication with someone who gets distracted easily. So, when you commit to a conversation, focus all of your energy on the conversation. Do not ignore the other party by pulling out your phone now and then to know what is happening to folks on the internet.

4: Stop getting angry and yelling unnecessary.

Do not be an emotional hijacker, a person known for yelling, throwing things at people and getting angry unnecessarily. Constantly doing this demonstrates low emotional intelligence on your path. And as soon as you show that level of instability, people will question whether or not you’re trustworthy and capable of keeping it together when it counts. Learn to control your emotions always even if the other party deserves to be yelled at. When you’re able to control your emotions around people who wrong you, they end up looking bad while people end up respecting you more and like you more.

5: Stop being too hard, having a closed mind.

Don’t be too opinionated. If you want to be likable, you have to be open-minded so that you’ll be approachable and interesting. No one likes to converse with someone who is so opinionated and unwillingly to listen. If you do not agree with other people’s point, do not try to force yours on them. Try not to be judgemental and choose to see the world through the eyes of others. This doesn’t mean that you should believe what they believe or condone certain behaviors, it only means that you should be open-minded enough to truly understand the beliefs that make up a person. Pretty much anyone can be likable if they build the right attitude and learn to communicate with others by following these tips.

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