How much of a People pleaser You are, Acording to Your Personality.

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Ten Simple Tricks to Make People like You Anywhere You go.

certainly we all care about what other people think about us how we are perceived and of course we silently wish to be loved by many if not all for some it comes effortlessly for some others it feels as though no one cares much about them being like easily requires you to be nice kind considerable and all other good stuff but indeed there are even smaller discrete things that you can do to make people like you without trying too hard to get into the a good book.


We’ll be sharing with you ten Tricks to make People like you Anywhere you go.

Number one: address people with their names nearly every one of us likes the very sound of our names so a good place to start will be to address a person by calling out his or her name according to dilk energy author of how to win friends and influence people a name is the core part of identity and so here in it validates our existence which makes us much more inclined to feel positive about the person who validated us copy boob idea names and notice.

People Pleasing & The Wayout.

How do you like you number to smile humans mostly use social interactions as tools for feedbacks and whether or not we are aware of this we make a lot of conscious and subconscious choices based on how people react engage and relate with us studies have proven their mwoods positive or negative rub off easily on people around us when we wear smile we easily spread our positivity to people around us tell me who wouldn’t like a person that constantly makes them happy and brings out the positivity in them .

psychotherapist Richard attorney said: the first impression sets the stage on whether a person will be communicating with you or not the key is your facial expression where your genuine smile anywhere you go and notice how much people like you .

Number three: be confident having the right amount of confidence is instrumental in pretty much everything this includes whether or not people would like you people are easily drawn to people who are happy with themselves but there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance so be careful not to cross it.

Number four: give sincere compliments people seek authentic praise they seek to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work it feels great to be acknowledged and to be told the nice things that can make you feel great being the person who gives such praise or compliments puts you in a position to be loved and admired by people

Number five: be a good listener communication is a vital part of every relationship and when it comes to effective communication listening is just as important as talking speaking is one part of communication while listening is the other part do not be in a hurry to air your opinion be quiet sometimes and listen to others so your response can be most appropriate for the situation a good listener is easily liked by people because we all like our opinions to be heard.

number six: recall conversations recording your conversation with someone shows that you actually listened and paid attention to him oh ha try bringing up a topic from your previous conversation and check up on people based on those discussions you’ll be igniting something in them towards you.

number seven: be authentic no one likes to be around people that sound fake and leave in on true reality be genuine and expressive express your true values thoughts and opinions but be sure to respect other people’s thoughts and opinions when you do this instead of trying so hard to come off as perfect and faultless be transparent and open enough to me people feel comfortable to do likewise whenever they around you this will make people like you.

Number eight: be polite we all feel respected when spoken to in polite manners on the other hand when spoken rudely to we feel attacked and we are instantly put off towards the speaker it sometimes takes extra effort to not react to such rudeness especially if the person or group in question is our boss or bosses in the same manner approach to people matters a lot be polite and more people want your company.

Number nine: be understandable when you are understanding and not judgmental people can confide in you and can trust you easily when they do liking you comes as easy as you can imagine why because no one likes to hang out with people who are not willing to listen to them constantly given them lectures and not trying to understand your perspective on a subject.

Number 10: be open-minded dr. Travis Bradbury author of emotional intelligence 2.0 and president of talent smart said being open-minded makes you approachable and interest into others no one wants to have a conversation with someone who has already formed an opinion and is not willing to listen be open enough to listen to people’s real thoughts about a particular subject even if you believe otherwise being open enough to have listened to their own thoughts will put you in a good spot in your heart they will like you and love to be in your company.

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